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Website's look matters! So for obvious reasons, a proficient website design company in kerala should do the job. Diverse components impact the decision of a visitor. For instance, sequence of contents. Definitely, there is no room for a test of luck and your Website should be visualised in the right order. In fact there is every reason to get in touch with MSGR, the Website Development and Design Company in Trivandrum.

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Who We Are

We assist you to mark your signature in your respective domain! We are Web Designers & Developers, Business Strategists, Analysts and Marketers. Since the launch in 2018 in Dubai, Mysearch Global Rewards has been serving Businesses and other Organisations in the most desirable and competent manner. Founder & CEO Mr Nowfal, his infectious spirit and the vibrant Team transformed the company into a well known brand titled ‘MSGR’. Our track record as a website design company speaks better! To be precise, in 5 years MSGR crossed international borders. And today we operate in UAE, India, Europe and United States. Expansion takes professionalism, expertise, hard work and industry knowhow. Obviously we hold high standards in these four components. From a single room and two employees, today Mysearch Global Rewards (MSGR) enjoys the reputation of a globally trusted IT Company with 50+ employees and considered a leader in website development in Trivandrum, kerala.

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How we can help you: Our web solutions

Imagine someone is there in your company who is exceptionally proficient in Sales & Marketing, Customer Relationship, Promotions and more. Great isn't it? A website should do exactly the same. And we are keen to build such websites. Let's dive in.

Unique web experiences

These days people have short attention span. And the visitors on your website are no exceptions. So it's highly significant to keep contents on the web unique in one way or the other. MSGR is extraordinarily capable to develop vibrant Websites, Applications and other contents you can think of. They protect the interest of your visitors and eventually yours.

SEO-Centric Web Design

We check maps on internet when we are in an unknown locality. In the same way, suppose that someone is searching for the product or service you deal with. Can we make him or her reach directly on your website? Fortunately YES! And we call the technique Search Engine Optimisation. MSGR develops SEO-Friendly Websites to ensure large number of visits. Definitely this factor makes us the most favourite among the web design companies based in Technopark, Trivandrum.

Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Mere number of visits on your website doesn't pay. And internet platforms you own are meant to bring business. For that to happen, we should adopt conversion optimisation strategies. Being the best website development company, we inspire the visitors to buy your products and services. Naturally in the long run the website enjoys heavy traffic.

Our work process

A disciplined plan of action brings great results. And MSGR follows this basic principle despite our rich experience in the business. And we have a 5 Step Action Plan

  • 1

    Project Discovery and Planning

    Discovering the goals and vision of the organisation or project and developing a plan is our primary step
  • 2

    User-centric Design and Prototyping

    The priorities of prospective visitors and buyers are the fundamental factors considered while designing
  • 3

    Efficient Development and Coding

    Each stage of the web development deserves and needs optimum perfection. Our strategies are unparalleled.
  • 4

    Thorough Testing and Quality Assurance

    We consider each project our first project! So intensive tests are done to ensure a pleasant user experience. And this is why MSGR continues to be a model website design and development company.
  • 5

    Smooth Deployment and Launch

    Website launch is an important juncture in any business. And MSGR makes the event spotless and memorable.

Our Works

A strong portfolio speaks louder than words.


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Why Choose US

You should have a valid reason to buy a product or service from someone. Here you find valid reasons to choose MSGR for your website development in Trivandrum 


Years of experience on IT Services

Cutting-edge Technology

Proficiency in modern technology keeps MSGR one step ahead in every sense. For instance HTML 5 and CSS3.0. Technology is used to create interactive and SEO-Optimised Websites.

Safety and Maintenance

Once the website is launched, fequent maintenance, updates and other supports are extended. In addition to them, SSL Certificates and bug-free Coding give higher safety to your website

Responsive Design

Today 70% of internet users consider smartphone the primary device to visit a website So MSGR ensures the websites we develop function perfectly on all devices.

Unique and Market Research based Designs

The design should mirror your industry and outshine other players in the market. Therefore we do thorough research and design a customised website ideal for your specific business goals

Hosting, Domain and Timely Delivery

Naming your website is a creative job. However we have a team to help you name the domain. And your website is delivered on time. MSGR takes care of the website hosting as well. Truly, website development in Trivandrum, Kerala is easy with us!

SEO Optimization and User-Friendly Features

Your SEO-Optimised website appears on screens when buyers search for a product or service you sell. Features include easy navigation, aesthetic appeal and integration of third party APIs.

Our Case Study

Consistency and a keenness to enhance quality lead to a supreme level of conviction in your job. Precisely the same happened with MSGR. Since inception we were curious to amaze our clients. Definitely that commitment paid. And today MSGR enjoys a joyous bond with each customer. In fact they are our brand ambassadors! Immense options for Learning & Development play a significant role in the growth of our organisation. Naturally, updated industrial knowledge and expertise are the outcomes

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Best website development company in Trivandrum, Kerala

The term 'best company' may sound cliche. However, all our clients and many prospective buyers consider MSGR 'one of the best' at least. And of course, they have solid reasons. Thanks to the leadership of Nowfal P Sulaiman! Mr Nowfal is blessed with super rich experience spanning 15 + years in Information Technology. And his leadership has benefited numerous IT Professionals across Middle East, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and India. Indeed his deep passion towards the sphere led to the formation of My Search Global Rewards famously known MSGR. Really today the company is a widely discussed brand and operates in US, Europe and Asia. Meanwhile we extend remarkable support to many nearby business groups in Trivandrum and surrounding regions as our local marketing strategies bring wonderful results. Dial us for website design and development in kerala. It's worthy!

Apart from providing Website development services in Kerala, we also specialize in creating mobile apps, do digital marketing, and offering SEO services. Our goal is to enhance your online presence, making it visually appealing, user-friendly, and practical.

Technology Expertise in our website development company in trivandrum

A blend of creativity and technology brings great results. And we adhere to this principle. A look into the technologies we use gives better clarity.

Front end Technologies

Visuals influence human minds than words. But quality of those visuals and the way they are presented count. So it's highly relevant to adopt the most advanced approaches. Then your website and applications become a nice treat to the end users. And MSGR is a master of this art!

We use HTML 5, the most advanced Markup Language. So the presentation quality of web pages will be at the finest standard. To add to the charm, there are CSS3.0 and LESS (Leaner Style Sheets) as well. SCSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, XHTML, Angular and React JS are other languages and technologies used. The mentioned systems and few creative minds make your website stunning!

UI Design Tools

User experience is the decisive factor in the volume of traffic on your website. And more traffic means more business. To make user experience really joyful, each stage of the development should be paid absolute attention. And as the favourite website design company in Kerala, we find this process as important as the final product. Right from our inception, MSGR pays meticulous attention to each step in the process. And the results are quite impressive. The User Interface or UI Design Tools we use are the best of their kind. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for instance. Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Filezilla, Figma, Adobe XD and Sublime are other tools.


Once your website is launched, it should be parked somewhere. And you need a host to keep your website. Servers do the job. In fact, one Server is capable to host multiple websites. A website may have more than one Server. Naturally charges are applicable. MSGR facilitates web hosting through different service providers. And they include GoDaddy, Amazon Web Service, Linux hosted servers at Rackspace and Hostgator. These organisations are capable to provide all kinds of servers. And we are equipped to serve you with the needed ones. 


Website development is a creative action to a great extent. So the developer or the development team should have the aesthetic sense and passion. At the same time, the job demands in-depth technical knowledge. In short, a spotless combination of human qualities and technology is significant in the creation of outstanding websites. So the tools and resources we use matter the most. MSGR follows an organised and disciplined system. And the tools we use include ASP.NET, MV C3, PHP, MVC, Code Igniter, Zend and Cake PHP. Our team is a mix of Software Engineers, Designers, Developers and all other IT Professions.

Website Development Team based in Technopark, Trivandrum

We mean what we say! For example, our Customer Relationship Management. As far as MSGR is concerned, CRM is not a means of advertisement, but a system to keep our promises and extend the best after-sales service. Of course each customer realises this commitment and acts as if he or she is our brand representative. And their feedback enhances our goodwill.

It's high time we connect! MSGR carries out operations from Technopark, Trivandrum. And irrespective of your geographical position, our services are accessible from any part of the world. Company, Entrepreneur, NGO, Individual whoever you are, MSGR is the swift road to your goals!

Now it’s your turn to have a handshake with the most trusted website design and development company in Kerala.

We keep these promises
  1. A devoted manager: You enjoy the exclusive assistance and attention of a Dedicated Account Manager.
  2. Personalized Reports: We share your Custom-made Report with a road map to grow further.
  3. On-call assistance: Immediate assistance whenever required.
  4. Prompt delivery: Projects are finished on time precisely in the planned manner.
  5. Appealing Design: Our website designs tempt your visitors to buy.
  6. Value for your budget: Websites are made exactly in line with your goals and budget

Frequently asked questions answered by the website Development company in Trivandrum

The time required depends on the nature of the website. However, the duration ranges from one week to one month.

Definitely yes! From the very beginning our team pays unwavering attention to ensure your website tops the list in search results.

We do. You are given the liberty to alter the website content and publish.

We do the job indeed. Our service is not limited only to website design and development. But rather we maintain the website on your behalf.

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