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Bakery ERP Software

ERP Software For Bakery Business

This is a lighter yet feature-rich variant of the MSGR ERP Solution customized to function as an end-to-end bakery billing software. Bakeries need precise management of their inventories and accurate billing of their products. Our bakery ERP software is designed not just to make billing easier, but also alert bakery owners on the status of their stocked raw materials, products sold, etc. On a comprehensive dashboard, bakers will be able to get deeper insights on which products sell faster, which items need to be restocked, and more.

Online Bakery Shop System

The customized POS software for bakeries and cake shops features enhanced security and role-based access so that only authorized users can access the insights regarding sales. Though the solution is designed to be an online system, it functions offline also and is cloud-based for anytime accessibility. It can be further augmented with more upgrades including barcode scanning, delivery service integrations, a customer loyalty system, and more for higher customer retention, more repeat sales, and better auditing.

  • Online/offline accessibility
  • Secure and scalable
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Integration with Tally
  • Profit projection & sales forecast
  • Inventory management
  • Customer Loyalty System
  • Customer Feedback System
  • GST compliance
  • Easy monitoring & management of daily operations
  • Easy monitoring of stock
  • Significant reduction in operational expenses
  • Real-time sales updates & analytics accessible from anywhere
  • Improved decision-making with feedback, profit projection & sales forecasts
  • Increased customer retention and repeat sales

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