Rewards System -Digital Loyalty Program Management

Emerging as a rapidly growing loyalty company in Kerala, MSGR operates with a vision to cultivate a business ecosystem where consumers are rewarded for any measurable behaviour while businesses experience accelerated growth & sales with support from happy patrons. MSGR is the only loyalty company in Trivandrum that assures high rate of customer retention leading to bigger profit margins for any business. We are currently expanding our successful loyalty program management operations in Ernakulam, Kerala.

Online service portal and bookings offers


Netizen is an online service portal and offers online bookings for all services under service category through an extensive network of more than 300 partners, powered by MSGR - one of the best online service providers in Trivandrum, Kerala in the IT solutions industry. On Netizen, customers can book their services in three steps and the application does not need any credit card or debit card for opting the services. Our customer service department is always online to cater to the customers. Founded in Dubai in 2010, Netizen has since grown to four cities in the Middle East, with plans to expand in the MENA region and beyond as part of our mission to be among the best online service providers in Dubai. 

Initiatives to reduce carbon emissions

Energy Efficiency App

3e Apps aims to complement the work of Governments and Companies involved in projects and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, by empowering every citizen with tools and information that he/ she can utilize to become a participant in the battle against Climate Change. That is the purpose of our Energy Efficiency App. We primarily develop vendor-agnostic apps, designed to work with smart meters and smart sensors, to bring relevant information to smartphones. Our apps are typified by their user-friendly interface that brings only relevant and useful information to your handheld, gives you command over your consumption behaviour and allows you to assess the impacts of behaviour changes. 3e Apps combines Domain expertise in Energy and Environmental Efficiencies of 20 years and App Development expertise of 10 years, through its founders.

Gold Rated Display System


Considering the fact that there aren’t any trusted gold rate display system service in Trivandrum, digitising the ever-changing rate of gold is something to consider, which is why we developed a unique Gold Rate Display System. Powered by Android, the system features real-time communication and updates. The solution can be personalised in many ways, and its successful track record made us a reliable gold rate display system provider in Kerala.

To get the customer feedback

Feed Back Form

We have now entered the Kerala market as a reliable customer feedback form provider in Trivandrum, Kerala. The feedback system is an important customer touch point wherein a customer can put through his/her feedback at the time of purchase. We implemented customer happiness points at select outlets to get feedback from their valued customers. Each week we generate feedback reports & on the basis of these reports, we will call those specific customers who gave negative reviews or were not satisfied with the purchase, to address their queries.

Shop at your fingertips

E-commerce Solutions with Magento

At MSGR, we have a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in developing bespoke solutions for eCommerce businesses. We specialize in E-commerce solutions with Magento in Trivandrum, Kerala and have developed both proprietary solutions and custom solutions for various businesses. For our solutions to be unique, we follow a strict code that ensures client satisfaction by guaranteeing a solid experience for end users. 

ERP Solutions

After years of extensive research, MSGR developed a fine array of innovative ERP solutions that cater to restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, and more. From POS billing to streamlined operations management, MSGR ERP solutions are customizable, upgradable, and pack powerful features including Sales Forecasts, Profit Projections & Delivery Service Integrations without compromising on affordability.