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Best Free Restaurant POS Billing Management Software Solution

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS Billing Software

MSGR’s POS Billing Software is the result of our vision to provide retailers from various industries with an innovative digital aid that streamlines billing, while offering custom features that make managerial operations easier. Though innovatively designed and thoroughly tested with the most advanced technologies, we wanted this product to be accessible for businesses of all sizes. Like all our services, we didn’t compromise on the affordability factor. The got over 300+ users in the first week of its release & is now available in over 90 locations across India.

For Restaurants Of All Sizes

Customized specifically for restaurants, this cloud-based restaurant billing system is designed to make billing easier, but also functions as a great aid for restaurant management; offering an array of optional features. Praised to be the best low cost food billing software in Kerala’s restaurant industry, this solution is affordable and works both online & offline. But the real highlight is the customizability, allowing one to configure the solution to perfectly fit the restaurant ecosystem with features like cloud-based inventory management to match.

  • Online/offline accessibility
  • Secure and scalable
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Integration with online food delivery platforms
  • Integration with Tally
  • Profit projection & sales forecast
  • Extensive inventory management
  • Customer Loyalty System
  • Customer Feedback System
  • Easy monitoring & management of daily operations
  • Monitor stock of items including raw materials & packaged goods
  • Significant reduction in operational expenses
  • Real-time sales updates & analytics accessible from anywhere
  • Improved decision-making with feedback, profit projection & sales forecasts

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