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Who We Are

Who We Are

My Search Global Rewards began the journey in 2018 from Dubai. Thanks to the vision of Mr Nowfal P Sulaiman, Founder & CEO. His rich experience in Information Technology has been really influential right from the beginning. And Mr Nowfal has mentored IT Professionals in various countries and continents.

The journey was challenging, at the same time quite rewarding. Opportunity to creatively influence businesses, organisations and individuals is really gratifying. And today MSGR is considered the most proficient App Developers in Trivandrum. Since our inception, the company attained consistent growth in the number of clients and our own team size.

Four factors keep us the most preferred; outstanding expertise in the domain, immaculate quality, prompt delivery and excellent after-sales service.

It's high time your business offer products and services through Mobile Apps. And ensure they are created by trusted experts.

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Our work Process

The process begins with our internal team meeting. And each number submit his or her suggestions in line with their area of expertise. Then a 5 step Plan of Action is designed.

  • 1

    Identifying the target audience

    Features of an App depend on the features of prospective buyers. So our action begins with their evaluation

  • 2

    Decision on design

    Your App's design may mirror your business. MSGR shares a draft and once you approve, we finalize the design.

  • 3

    App Development

    Various responsibilities are shared among our team members. Accordingly your Mobile App gains shape at this stage.

  • 4

    Trial and performance check

    For a joyful user experience, the App is tested several times and an optimum level of performance is assured.

  • 5

    Launching the App

    our company begins to enter a seamless market. Because Mobile App makes everyone a prospective buyer!

Our Works

A strong portfolio speaks louder than words.


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Efficient, Affordable and confidential Mobile App Solutions

These 3 qualities are essential for an App. And we ensure an unmatched proficiency, cost matching your budget and of course privacy and confidentiality of your business are considered top priorities. We are the leading Mobile App Developers in Kerala for a reason!

Confidentiality assured with NDA

In spite of the ethics we follow, you are legally protected by a valid document named Non-Disclosure Agreement if required. In fact, we recommend NDA to our clients for their ease.

Affordable Design and Development

Design should safeguard the interest of customer and cost should be in accordance with the available budget. Definitely we are capable and equipped to meet the said criteria

Expert support at each step

You may not be familiar with operating own app. Indeed we are aware of this scenario and extend the required assistance and support whenever needed. Yes, we are next to you!

Swift and user-friendly

Our attention span is too short. Isn't it? MSGR ensures fast loading and engaging user experience. Truly from the initial stage, we pay special attention to these two features. 

Tailored Development

You have your own features. Naturally the requirements and target audience may differ from business to business. Therefore to develop each App, we engage an exclusive team.

Our Case Study

MSGR follows certain principles and we have set a benchmark to meet in terms of quality and speed of delivery. And no team member is supposed to surpass or break them. As you know, it takes real industry expertise to consistently deliver that too by keeping higher standards in every aspect. However, we have been doing the job extremely well! Of course the fact is evident from a quite long client list. They refer our brand to many other businesses. An appreciable attitude to mention!

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Mobile App Development Company in Trivandrum, Kerala

Mysearch Global Rewards (MSGR) is a MNC with a local address! And we are curious to offer efficient services to the businesses in and around Technopark, Trivandrum, Kerala. Mobile app development is sought after by different companies, businesses and enterprises irrespective of their industry, geographical location, year of existence, financial position or size of the company. In a word, anyone and everyone is in need of a proficient mobile application. Today MSGR enjoys the brand value of an Information Technology Company with great repute. At the same time, we are privileged to serve numerous local businesses and establishments. Many of those businesses operate within Kerala or only in Trivandrum. But some others have branches or businesses across the country and in other continents. And we involve regardless of such borders. In short, wherever you are in the locality, we are too close!
Besides making awesome mobile apps, we also make websites, do digital marketing, and offer SEO services . Our goal is to make your online presence not only look great, but also work great - easy for users and effective for you!

Our Mobile App Development Technologies

New inventions and advancements are happening in the world of Technology in frequent intervals. And as a leading Mobile App Development Company we remain updated. Naturally the clients get benefited. Apps are considered one of the most modern business tools for valid reasons. For instance, they are easy to operate. So the buying process becomes a cakewalk for the customer. But the App Developer must be well versed in modern technologies and tools. Here comes the significance of MSGR. We use state of the art systems. And they are administered and operated by expert hands.

React Native

React Native is similar to other Apps in performance. And this is one of the benefits. It is used to develop Application for Android, iOS, Windows and some other platforms. It's a Cross-platform framework and developed by Facebook. React Native doesn't target the browser, but mobile platforms. Main focus is front-end development. The technology is cost-effective indeed and the development is not time-consuming. Reloading is easy as well


Flutter is an Open-source User Interface Toolkit from Google. And there are some attractive features. For example, the single codebase for mobile, web and desktop. Dart Programming Language is used and a swift development is made possible by hot reloading. User-experience is really impressive regardless of the platform. Of course MSGR finds Flutter 'developer-friendly'.. And our team members are adequately trained in the technology.


The name is familiar even to people who are not much 'technology-literate'. Java is that much established programming language. Obviously we use Java in a large scale. The language is definitely apt for Android App Development. Needless to say, MSGR is equipped to explore the possibilities of this versatile and object-oriented language. In fact, a large developer community depend on Java. Of course end user is the real beneficiary!


There are various Software Development Kits. And Ionic is one of the favourites of App Developers in Trivandrum. This is a Cross-Platform Mobile App Framework. In addition to this, angular integration is possible. Web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used to build. Prospect of streamlined development for various platforms is a major feature. And MSGR facilities special training on Ionic for our team members.


As the name suggests, swift performance is an exceptional feature of Swift. Naturally the tool is much famed and we have every reason to use the same. The programming language is developed by Apple. So it's obvious that, Swift is used for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS development. Concise and expressive structure is an added advantage. Special training for the team members is provided at our premises exclusively on Swift. We stay updated!


Python is considered a general-purpose programming language to develop Apps, which backs voices and visuals. Don't be confused. In simple terms, Python is ideal to develop music and video Apps. So you can call it an entertainment tool! Interesting isn't it? Naturally the language is versatile and readable. Django and Flask Frameworks lead to efficient development and maintenance. There are extensive libraries and community support as well.

Mobile App Development Company, Technopark, Trivandrum

Everyone around us and the general public use multiple Mobile Apps on a daily basis. And in this era many exceptions are not there! So it's high time, you begin to explore the possibilities of this state of the art technology. Obviously the primary question is, which company the App Development should be entrusted to? Of course you have plenty of reasons to choose MSGR. First of all, our team is a blend of proficiency and passion. And as a buyer, these two qualities should be your major preferences. And definitely there are more. So continue reading and have better insight.

The systematic Mobile App Development Process followed by MSGR

  1. Primary discussions with the client
  2. Forming and developing an action plan  
  3. Design and app development
  4. Evaluation of quality and performance 
  5. Seeking client feedback and suggestions
  6. Make alterations if any, Beta testing and launch

Why Choose US

We develop Apps with extraordinary features. And they are in accordance with your budget. Naturally our clientele includes companies from diverse domains.


Years of experience on IT Services

Cutting-edge technology

Modern world and the needs of various businesses demand the implementation of most modern technologies matching global standards. Indeed we are equipped and your App benefits.

Safety and Maintenance

Everyone around us don't keep ethics and values. So let's take enough precautions. There are people trying to steal information and data. So MSGR takes care of your App's safety.

Responsive Design

We take into account the low attention span of users. So the required steps are taken to keep the App design responsive. And the features help you develop a rapport with buyers.

Unique and Market-Research based designs

Mobile Applications are many in the market. Then how do you stand out? Don't worry. Because our in-depth market research and effective strategies help your App to be a standout.

Robust Testing and Quality Assurance

Prior to launch, Application goes through rgid testing. And these steps are meant to ensure spotless efficiency and functionality. Of course, our Quality protocols are top-class!

SEO & App Store Optimization

When someone searches for a particular product or service yours should top the search results. This is truly possible! And for that to happen, MSGR applies optimisation techniques.


Frequently asked questions answered by the Mobile App development company in Kerala

Our expertise spans various types of mobile apps, including but not limited to: 1. Android App Development 2. IOS App Development 3. Cross-platform App Development 4. Native app development 5. Enterprise Mobile Apps 6. E-commerce apps 7. On-demand Service Apps

Our mobile app development company in Kerala specializes in crafting tailored digital solutions for a diverse range of industries, such as: 1. Healthcare 2. E-commerce 3. Education 4. Finance and Banking 5. Tourism and Hospitality 6. Real Estate 7. Manufacturing 8. Retail 9. Transportation and Logistics

When it comes to support, we offer ad-hoc, or monthly retainers if you want more consistency and reliability.

MySearch Global Rewards (MSGR) stands out as your top choice in Kerala. We focus on your success and take pride in being your go-to mobile app development team. Our experts are ready to work closely with you to make your project a success

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