Rewards System -Digital Loyalty Program Management

Emerging as one of the best customer loyalty program companies in India, Mysearch Global Rewards operates with a vision to cultivate a business ecosystem where consumers are rewarded for any measurable behaviour while businesses experience accelerated growth & sales with support from happy patrons. Our solution isn’t just a rewards program; it offers multiple types of reward points that allow businesses to have continuous interaction with their customers.

A Patented Platform

Years of research & extensive business analyses culminated in the development of our unique Loyalty Rewards platform, which was later patented. MSGR’s experience as a leading end-to-end IT solutions provider combined with the rich features of the platform allowed us to enhance business’ customer relationships to a level that no other solution has ever managed to achieve in India. Our solution is widely considered by many entrepreneurs in our primary target market as the best digital loyalty program management software 2021 brought to them.

Open Loyalty Programs

From small business shopping loyalty cards in India to augmenting large-scale establishments and rapidly-growing franchises with customized ‘Incentivization’ solutions, MSGR’s Loyalty System can do it all. We use a unique AI-powered algorithm to support our loyalty programs, backed by a team of experienced solution architects & business analysts who supervise the program’s customizability aspect.

With Open Loyalty Programs, we serve businesses & its consumers on a large scale offering rewarding purchases for consumers from several varieties of business establishments. For businesses, benefits of being a part of the program include increased repeat sales, happier customers, increased visibility & more brand trust.

Closed Loyalty Programs

Customized for businesses to achieve their goals faster, our Closed Loyalty Programs serve a business & only its customers with a Rewards System that incentivizes a customer’s every transaction with the business. Incentives can be tweaked as the business expands with increased support from incentivized patrons. Our Closed Loyalty Programs are gradually building a reputation as one of the best customer rewards programs in 2021 across South Kerala.

This program essentially cultivates a great ecosystem where a business flourishes while their customers enjoy great benefits in return for their continued trust & support. MSGR’s restaurant loyalty cards were well received by both restaurants & their customers alike owing to the all-around benefits for customers & the rising profit margins of restaurants