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Content Marketing; not mere campaign, but rather a promise!

The level of your conviction counts while promoting a product or sharing an information. Then the process becomes a transfer of emotions. In fact when marketing contents, Mysearch Global Rewards (MSGR) adds such an emotion to them. Of course this approach helps you get your products and services registered in people's hearts. We write SEO friendly content. Moreover, as the top Digital marketing company in Trivandrum MSGR has a greatly gifted creative team to design and develop diverse contents for Social Media, Blogs, Articles and Posts. The admiration we enjoy as a leading content marketing agency in Kerala is never a coincidence. Truly it takes loyalty and commitment.

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We are completely updated in the present-day practices and norms in digital world, for your benefits indeed!


Our proficient content creators and strategists research new market trends and help you surpasss competitors.


The contents we create grab attention in noisy markets and lead to more queries, conversions and businesses.


MSGR focuses on your business goals and ensures you enjoy all the benefits of our cost-effective strategies

Services offered by the best content marketing agency
based in Trivandrum

Blog Content Marketing & SEO

We create Blogs with great contents, meanwhile they are SEO friendly. Naturally the said blogs will be widely read and watched.

Video Content Marketing

Our creative team with outstanding expertise develop engaging videos matching the tastes and preferences of your target audience.

Social Media Content Marketing

All are on the same page if the discussion is on the effectiveness of social media marketing. We run hashtag and social media campaigns.

Graphics Content

Depending on the characteristics of the target audience we design and develop graphic contents as some viewers find them more engaging.

Engaging and reader-friendly content marketing services

Advertisements are diverse and it’s our choice to choose the best. Of course content marketing should be one of the top preferences. Our team has mastered all its techniques and can develop a customised strategy for your business. So continue reading.

  • Effective Content Strategy

    Advertisements impact the audience in different ways. Various factors affect them indeed. Therefore it is important to have clarity on the goals of the advertiser and the nature of prospective buyers. So our research team scrutinize each and every aspect of the market. Then we have a brainstorming session and eventually the best marketing strategy.

  • Website Content

    Website is the face of your company. Naturally it's considered a reflection of the quality you maintain in different phases of business. This fact shows the significance of developing and maintaining an interactive website. We take over A to Z of the job. Definitely our responsibilities include content creation, website designing, hosting and more.

  • Build & Improve EEAT

    EEAT stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. In fact Google created this acronym. Really, all these four components are highly relevant in order to build a successful business and earn respect. Here you may need the assistance of an expert business strategist. Of course the services of MSGR add to your EEAT!

  • Make a better content experience

    People may visit your digital platforms once. But to reach our business goals few vibrant actions should be there. And we must be smart enough to make our audience visit and revisit. How? Ensure your visitors have a remarkable content experience! Only a combination of technical expertise, creative talents and passion can make it happen. MSGR extends hand here!

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At MSGR, we're more than just a Content Marketing Agency in Kerala – we're your partners in helping your business grow. Discover success with our proven strategies and expertise. Call us to learn more and let's shake hands on a bright future!

Connect for Digital Success


We will have a discussion with you to gather information and then we research.

It depends on the nature of business and target audience.

There is no specific time or rule. Once the results are properly evaluated we will develop an ideal action plan

In a crowded market where countless businesses offer similar products or services, standing out is key to winning customers. Content marketing emerges as the ultimate solution for achieving a higher conversion rate and ROI. By crafting compelling content, you not only showcase the unique selling points of your brand but also communicate to customers why choosing your business is a must. This approach goes beyond mere transactions; it cultivates meaningful relationships, builds trust, boosts brand awareness, and fosters customer loyalty, ensuring a steady stream of repeat business.

Our Clients

  • MGM Group of Institutions
  • Asian School Of Business
  • marshall auto care
  • desert ayurveda
  • TSC Hospital Pvt Ltd
  • meralda jewels
  • livelocal
  • Muralya Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd
  • Milma Diary
  • mpi


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