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Marshall Auto Care was founded in Dubai with the goal to provide the best service in car repairs and maintenance.We offer the Services complete diagnosing, repair, maintenance, Electrical, Mechanical, Denting Painting, Car body scratches remove, Car Body Repair, Battery replacement at your location and all kinds of auto-complete services.After a long time spend in the industry, we conclude that car problems are not only a frustrating experience but also time-consuming. Therefore, we offer our services at the convenience of your home or office.Avoid the effort of driving your car or having it towed to a service center.Our mobile workshop is equipped with the best professional tools and specialized in all vehicle repairs and servicing.

Car Repair Service Dubai


  • Forge a strategic partnership to build a strong foundation & take the business forward.
  • To create new programs with our innovative ideas & vision.
  • To digitally transform the business to make it more profitable & customer friendly.


  • We gave them the ideas to grow & expand their business through our efficient Marketing Strategy.


  • Digital Marketing benefits organizations of all sizes by offering access to the mass market at a moderate cost.
  • Through Marshall auto care website, we try to digitally market their business, make it useful for customers to purchase goods online.


  • Created Brand awareness
  • Steady growth in business
  • Customer Retention
  • Lead Generation
  • Immense reach of brand across UAE

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