Tips For Growing Your Business using Social Media Marketing


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Tips For Growing Your Business using Social Media Marketing

14 Oct 2022

Tips For Growing Your Business using Social Media Marketing

Tips For Growing Your Business using Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a lifestyle now for many. We are now using different platforms to stay connected. Additionally, social media platforms also help to grow businesses and build brand awareness. For a business to stay current on social media, we must follow some steps.
•    At least spend 10 minutes every day on social media.
•    Customize the feed according to new trends and relevant content.
•    Share interesting concepts and topics on social media.
•    Use different social media platforms for your business growth.


Today, a great majority of people use various social media platforms to publicize important events in their life. Some of them use social media for communication with relatives, friends, parents and kids, which used to be done via letters, phone calls, etc. Today, we have instant access to information about events taking place around the world. Moreover we can get the information about our friends or family, as to what they are doing, where they are now etc.  
Social networking is now useful for business as well. Now, we may launch a business solely using social media networks. Today, one can launch a small handicraft business via social media. We can also use social media to promote our product, grow a business and build its market.


Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat are some online social media platforms that can give your business great momentum. YouTube has the power to promote your business as both a social media platform and as a search engine.
In India, there are over 340 million users of Facebook and an average person spends 30 minutes on Facebook and  28 minutes on Instagram, while Linkedin is mainly used by business persons and professionals.


Employing the AIDA principle is a great way to leverage social media platforms to grow your business. The first “A” of AIDA Stands for Attention. This “attention” will come when we create or post an attractive design. So we can also say that “A” stands for attractive design or attention. “I” stands for generating Interest in customers by seeing posts or ads.
“D” Stands for Desire in the community. This desire motivates the users to buy your product or service. At last, the final “ A “ stands for the Actions made by the clients, which is the act of buying or procuring a service.


The first priority of a business while using social media should be identifying new audiences. While using social media we can get information about new trends. Businesses should hire dedicated social media experts to build audience profiles, identify trends and engage the audience. Through online platforms, customers and companies can easily connect with each other. This will increase the trust of the customer. We can also leverage influencer marketing to promote our business as it will improve credibility and trust among the customers. Interacting with customers through social media platforms will also help our businesses stay grounded.


Creating ingenious posters and attractive content that would help to amplify advertisements is a surefire way to generate interest in your brand. There's no need to include so much content in the creatives. If we look into these factors with utmost dedication and consistency our creativity will look attractive. While creating a separate landing page for the ads, we must be cognizant of a few things. The main point is to make the landing page more attractive. By following these points, we will be more diligent about the leads. That is, we should follow up and coordinate with the persons who enquire about the campaign.

Once you understand the basic principles yourself, you’ll find social media platforms to be effective and easy to market businesses. Just use the right content at the right time, and actively engage the community you built up to stay current.

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