Cloud Computing and its impact on businesses across the world.



Cloud Computing and its impact on businesses across the world.

01 Feb 2024

Cloud Computing and its impact on businesses

Digital BSS (Cloud Enabled)

When communication service providers search for incorporating next generation competencies into their networks, cloud-based BSS holds the large key to maneuver ahead towards the trail to the greater level of profitability.

Digital Transformation Solution

Digital transformation is that the way toward utilizing digital technologies to form new — or alter existing — business procedures, culture, and client encounter to satisfy changing business and market necessities. This rethinking of business within the computerized age is digital transformation.

Major Service providers are competing against digital native companies to be business agility and customer experience focused. They’re transforming themselves to be Digital Businesses.

Monetize 5G

 Service providers are putting greater emphasis on high-growth lines of business like IoT and Media; areas that introducing 5G will evolve further into mobile AR, VR, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications remote health and more. They design 5G Monetization to help you require full advantage of today’s emerging business models and be ready to capture every 5G revenue opportunity of tomorrow.

Launch Your Digital Brand

With 5G, wireless Internets will be faster and more abundant round the country — even within the more rural locations. This suggests that digital ads could appear in additional areas with an internet connection. The visuals and media in each ad might be more advanced thanks to higher network speeds.

Apart from having the ability to put high-quality advertisements on screens in additional locations, marketing experts suggest that some brands might even experiment with alternative reality ads where people wearing special AR glasses or using AR cameras can see a billboard crop up in whichever location they're in.


Communications and media companies face unprecedented industry disruption, and their legacy systems and disjointed processes often create barriers to business agility and innovation. Industry disruptors comprehend the significance of embracing deft methods of working, and sending cloud-local, advanced BSS applications based on an average innovation stage.

B2B Sales Transformation

The Service Provider’s B2B Market is being influenced by three key factors

• B2B Customers also expecting consumer type Digital Experience

• A growing partner portfolio and business models

• Seamless handoff from Sales to Delivery

Today buyers expect seamless, relevant, and personalized experiences whether they’re doing research on their own or have engaged with a salesman.

The sales transformation journey are often broke down into these five stages

The Five Stages of Sales Transformation:

1. Start-up Selling

2. Success Selling

3. Scalable Selling

4. Guided Selling

5. Collaborative Selling

Legacy CRM/ Evolutionary Transformation

Legacy CRM designed not as a tool, but as a corporation AI platform to manage all the relationships an organization had with its customers across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service & Support, and Finance–thus providing ‘one complete view’ of the customer data across the organization.

A cloud-based CRM helps you:

• Boost productivity, cost-effectively

• Reduce costs vs. legacy system upgrades

• Gain more control over data security

• Enable your workforce to travel fully mobile

Unified Commerce Overlay across siloed BSS

Unified commerce is all about the customer experience. Every selling channel works together to make a “unified” shopping experience and buyer’s journey. Consolidation Programs often result in huge spends. A unified commerce overlay helps cross sell-up sell also as it improves the experience.

Market-Place (Federated) Catalog as a Service

The Marketplace Catalog API service provides an API interface for approved sellers to manage their products. Catalog API actions allow you to look at and update your existing product programmatically.

Digital Commerce as a Service

The Digital Commerce Practice offers end-to-end services to rework the way enterprises engage transact and repair their customers in today’s multi-channel landscape.

Digital Experience Layer as a Service

They design digital Experience Layer to provide you with a quick and convenient way to start a  digital service. It allows you to leverage your legacy platforms and preserves investment while providing the ability to define and plan for IT transformation.

Customer Identity as a Service

Customer identity is key to prevent frauds and revenue leakages. With growing digital mechanisms e.g. facial recognition, biometrics service providers are watching mechanisms to use these technologies to stop fraud.

Customer Identity as a service comprises cloud-based solutions for identity and access management (IAM) functions, such as a single sign-on (SSO). These methods allow all users (customers, employees, and third parties) to more securely access sensitive information both on and off-premises.

Intelligent Edge as a Service

The intelligent cloud is ubiquitous computing, enabled by the public cloud and AI (AI) technology, for each sort of intelligent application and system you'll envision.

Users get real-time insights and experiences, delivered by highly responsive and contextually aware apps.

Modernizing Real Time Charging / PCRF

Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) - supports service data flow detection, policy enforcement and flow-based charging. It offers a comprehensive solution that permits a replacement generation service provider to supply multiple use cases that permit them to raise control of their services and align their revenue with their resources.

Subscription Billing as a Service

Subscription billing is that generating bills from the resource usage data using a set of pre-defined billing policies. The author defines a cloud billing service module enabled for a service-oriented architecture, covering both functional requirements — a quote service, conversion functions and policies, payment schemes, and user identification — and therefore the non-functional, but essential, requirements like security, scalability, standards, and fault tolerance.

Contact Center Digital Evolution

Digitalization is transforming the growing global market for contact centers, with service providers using an array of cost-effective technologies to improve performance, deliver added value to their clients, and exceed consumers’ rising expectations for superior customer service. By providing convenient, seamless, and personalized interactions through multiple channels, a new breed of intelligent digital service providers is raising the bar.


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