A Technological Solution To Aid Schools In Tutoring & Class Management


Asha S Nair

A Technological Solution To Aid Schools In Tutoring & Class Management

09 Jul 2021

A Technological Solution To Aid Schools In Tutoring & Class Management

A Technological Solution To Aid Schools In Tutoring & Class Management

The pandemic is forcing governments all around the world to come up with new and practical ways to improve education and learning. The phenomenal growth of online learning presents chances to envision new approaches to teaching and learning. However, the big question is: what are the best methods for doing so?

Students can continue their education, however, thanks to the advent of online learning technologies during the epidemic. Schools, colleges, and universities are moving away from the four walls of their classrooms and embracing the digital environment. 

According to a recent report, educational institutions are willing to spend up to $350 billion by 2025 on instructional technology. 

Video conferencing, virtual tutoring, and, most crucially, learning management systems (LMS) are examples of such tools.

LMS are software solutions that help organisations manage the administration, monitoring, and reporting of online courses and training programmes. It functions as a virtual classroom, allowing teachers to engage with their students and undertake online learning activities.

This type of solution is critical during this period of social isolation and lockdown regulations. The following are the key traits of an LMS & where MSGR EduWiz fits in.

1. Ensures educational continuity

The pandemic has led a percentage of the world’s educational institutions to shut down schools in the hopes of limiting harm to their pupils, teachers, and staff. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the academic year should be put on hold.  Online learning is the buzzword today, with several solutions to choose from; one of them being the innovative MSGR EduWiz system. 

Higher education LMS functions as virtual classrooms. Despite the distance, students can learn and study from the comfort of their own homes. Similarly, teachers might continue to deliver lectures and educate the younger generation. It gives them the flexibility and accessibility they need to maintain a sense of normalcy in their daily lives.

Students do not have to be pushed back a year in their schooling because of education LMS. To return to school, they would only require internet access and a gadget. Physical distance and location will no longer be a barrier for students or professors.

2.Ensures health and safety

Health and safety are the top priorities of every enterprise and government in this period of the new normal. This applies to educational institutions as well. As a result, more organisations are looking for the best virtual classroom where they can continue to operate without compromising physical well-being.

Students, teachers, and staff do not have to risk being infected while performing their duties.They are not required to attend schools or other educational institutions. There will not be a large assembly in one location. They reduce their chances of becoming sick and infecting others in this way.

During the quarantine period, the LMS allows teachers and students to engage as if they were in a traditional classroom setting. They are not required to leave the house. They can learn or teach in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

3.Ensures efficacy with a seamless classroom experience

One potential issue with online learning is that no one can guarantee its efficacy. Learning from home is a very different experience than learning in a classroom or other suitable learning environment. When students and teachers are at home, they are more likely to be distracted and unable to concentrate.

Fortunately, MSGR EduWiz  provides tools and features that can be used to replicate experiences and activities that would normally take place in a typical classroom. Teachers can use the application to post and share powerpoint presentations. They can provide supplemental learning materials to their students, post reminders, issue assignments, and administer assessments to their students in the course.

When compared to traditional approaches, LMS may be even more successful and efficient. It allows you to integrate multimedia information like movies, links, document sharing, live conferences, and even the best virtual tour software. Similarly, LMS acts as a consolidated repository for course-related learning resources. It allows everyone registered in the course to simply access, copy, and download them.

4. Monitors progress and performance

While organising virtual lectures and conferences is beneficial in today's environment, keeping track of everyone's activities and performance in "class" can be difficult. As a result, the most significant advantage of having an LMS is its analytics and reporting on the effectiveness of your online courses.

MSGR EduWiz LMS aids in the tracking of students’ progress and performance during the course. It includes a function that keeps track of their records, grades, submissions, and course participation. It also collects critical data and papers that students share on the network.

These, in turn, will be used to track their progress throughout the course. You can also set milestones for students to meet one by one to guarantee that they are on track with the course's progression.

Most importantly, MSGR EduWiz can identify problem areas in your lessons or course. It might recommend exercises and additional learning materials that you can include in your curriculum. It might help you figure out which of your pupils will need extra help to finish the course.

5. Boosts participation

Distance is now one of the most significant barriers for teachers and students. However, both sides can interact outside of the classroom and school grounds thanks to various communication options provided by technology.

MSGR EduWiz gives communication capabilities to keep students interested. Chat boxes, forums, postings, blogs, and even social networking platform integration are examples. This encourages pupils to speak up in class, as well as outside of it. Similarly, the LMS maintains an open line of communication so that anyone can ask questions, post reminders, or clarify anything pertaining to the course. This also allows other students to collaborate.

In some ways, having a learning management system for higher education is preferable to having video conferences between students and teachers every now and then. After all, having multiple persons on a virtual conference call can make it difficult to hear each of their voices. You can verify that everyone registered in the course is engaged with the LMS.

6. Customize your learning experience

Students can customise their learning experience with a learning management system. Students can learn whenever and wherever they desire since online learning is flexible in terms of where, how, and when it can be accessible. They have access to learning materials both in and out of class. They can work on their own or join the rest of their classmates in watching live streaming of lectures. They have the option of choosing where they want to take their course and which gadget they want to use

Teachers have complete autonomy over how they instruct and engage with their students. They can choose from a variety of tools to complement their preferred teaching approaches. They can also supplement their course by uploading files, videos, PowerPoint presentations, modules, and other materials. They also have the option of being dynamic and interactive or modular and traditional.

The LMS not only customises learning content in this way but can also make the course's learning experience more personalised. Both students and teachers benefit from the flexibility and personalisation.

MSGR's EduWiz

  • Over 10000+ Satisfied Users for MSGR’s EduWiz.

  • Secure online environment and exam conducting methods.

  • Feature-rich and expandable

  • Easy to navigate

  • Comprehensive dashboard

  • Innovative analytics & reporting

  • Optimized data usage

Education must go on!

The future is unknown as the epidemic continues to loom overhead. Not everything, however, is hopeless. As more countries transition to the new normal, educational institutions are following suit.

The virus does not mean that schooling is doomed. Pandemic sets the path for a new type of learning and teaching with the necessary technologies, such as  MSGR’s EduWiz LMS. Teachers can continue to educate the younger generation, while students who are stranded at home will not be bored. Finally, in these tough times, LMS might provide a feeling of normalcy.

MSGR’s EduWiz LMS will definitely help many children to grab knowledge in their respective education field while schools can continue offering their value propositions seamlessly.

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