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Pay-Per-Click; a Game Changer in your business

We take decisive steps at times in personal and business life. Implementing Pay-Per-Click or PPC is such a move indeed! We run campaigns on all popular platforms including Google AdWords and Bing Adwords. Moreover, the expertise of our team is an added advantage. In fact, they are super proficient in Search, Display, Mobile App, Shopping and Video Advertisings. As the best digital marketing company in Trivandrum, My Search Global Rewards (MSGR) manages and closely monitors campaigns. Definitely the team is dedicated to growing your business. Yes, we are the leading PPC Marketing Company in Kerala for a reason! So now it's your turn. Dial us!

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Our work process


To find something people use keywords. So we design a strategic plan in line with keywords related to your business.


A beautifully made Ad Copy and Creative Design impact your buyers. Really we make your creatives fascinating.


Conversions by way of a given landing page can be enhanced. And we have the creative expertise to do the job.


Being aware of one's own status is a basic need. Of course we respect your rights and share reports accordingly.

Services from the best Google Ads Agency
in Trivandrum, Kerala

Google Ads

On Google Ads, you bid to show your advertisementl. Eventually your product tops the Google search results, mobile apps and more.

Shopify Ads

Traders on Shopify App see your promotions and advertisements. In fact they are displayed on top of the organic search results

YouTube Ads

Visibility of YouTube is boundless. Really the viewers are in billions! And we place your advertisement in a strategic manner

Amazon Ads

Amazon is the most popular E-Commerce company in the world. Naturally anything displayed here enjoys a fabulous reach. So let's do it!

How we enhance your PPC Advertising

Response from the viewers matters the most. If they show interest, obviously your advertisement is effective. Truly it's easy provided you enjoy assistance from the best Google Ads Agency in Kerala. And Mysearch Global Rewards - MSGR intervenes here. Let's see the benefits.

  • Reach your target audience

    Do we go for a random selection in Pay-Per-Click Advertisement? Never! Instead, MSGR makes you reach precisely your prospective buyers. Naturally this strategy helps you save a lot of time, money and physical and mental energy. And how do we do this? Definitely there is a passion to win the race and the team is thoroughly trained in all approaches.

  • Enhanced budget control

    Businesses often fail to stay within their budget. It necessarily may not be the lack of planning or discipline. On the other hand, you need a definite way of implementing the plan. And this is the significance of PPC. In fact, the system gives you a better clarity of future turnover and profits. Naturally your action becomes more focused and easy.

  • Instant quality results

    Here the word 'quality' means whether your visitors are in need or not. As we know, many people love window shopping. But for a business, it doesn't pay! So we want the real needy to visit your website and social media platforms. Of course there are techniques to segment the audience and locate your prospective buyers. MSGR does the job in a flawless style.

  • Measurable

    You can confidently design a plan of action if the predictions are accurate. Anyway, we cannot expect them to be 100% perfect. But if the results are close to predictions, it's a real solace. And PPC makes the scenario possible. The tool helps you measure the number of visitors and business to come. However, it takes creative and technical expertise.

Connect for Success

At Mysearch Global Rewards - MSGR, we're more than just a PPC marketing company. Think of us as your growth buddies. Discover success in new ways with our proven strategies and know-how.

Connect for Digital Success


In Pay-Per-Click Advertising, advertisers pay for each click on their ads. This method involves purchasing website visits instead of relying on organic acquisition. It is known for delivering quick results, as ads are displayed based on user search queries or online behavior, ensuring a targeted approach.

Boosting business visibility, PPC delivers cost-effective and quick results through targeted ads. Its flexibility, and brand exposure make it a powerful tool for achieving specific marketing goals with measurable impact

Clarity on the number of visitors is the primary advantage. And it's easy to do. In addition to this, you have to pay only when the ad is clicked. There is an option to try different ads as well.

Ad rank hinges on key factors: quality score and bid value. Quality score evaluates ad quality, URL, content relevance, and user experience. These elements collectively determine the rank, ensuring strategic ad placement in search results for optimal visibility.

Our Clients

  • MGM Group of Institutions
  • Asian School Of Business
  • marshall auto care
  • desert ayurveda
  • TSC Hospital Pvt Ltd
  • meralda jewels
  • livelocal
  • Muralya Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd
  • Milma Diary
  • mpi


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