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Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Business Today

04 Oct 2023

Why Digital Marketing Is Important

Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Business Today

Why should digital marketing be considered so important for a business today? Does it actually help business grow faster?

Do you know that India is the second-largest Internet user in the world, the first being China? This is exactly what drives businesses towards digital marketing also referred to as internet or online marketing.

The 4G And 5G Revolution

In 2015, when the 4G network revolutionized connectivity in India with the introduction of Jio, few could have predicted the transformative impact it would have on the country. Fast forward to 2023, and India finds itself on the cusp of yet another digital revolution with the arrival of 5G technology

As the use of the Internet increased, so did its pros and cons. All over the country, many types of cyber-frauds popped up including but not limited to credit card frauds, spoofing, and phishing scams. However, with smartphones at the helm of this ‘digital era’, the internet still became a necessity. The use of smartphones and the internet soon took over India. From children to the elderly, almost everyone in India now owns at least one smartphone with internet access.

The Social Media Trend

Smartphone users with Internet access then started registering across social media platforms and online markets. All of this contributed to India making great strides in the areas of education, information technology, and e-commerce. As a result, social media and search engines used by people became splendid platforms for advertising, which subsequently enabled businesses to reap greater benefits from smaller ad budgets. Businesses that used to advertise themselves through direct marketing or via TV/Radio ads eventually started shifting from the old marketing strategy to the modern internet-centric marketing approach.

Traditional Marketing vs New Marketing

India’s new generation of enterprises needs to use new marketing methods when starting new ventures. And when new marketing methods are not used, the enterprise suffers huge losses as it grows. Here’s a short story that serves as a great example to this particular issue.

John & Joseph were two good friends. After their education, both of them started their own business. John started a big jewelry business sparing no expense. He hired people for marketing his business and spent money on advertising through flyers and TV/Radio channels. The approach proved successful and John started getting a lot of customers. But at the end of the month, after an audit, John noticed that his profit was meagre but his marketing spend was quite large. He had to spend too much money on traditional advertising and marketing strategies. Meanwhile, Joseph who had started a small jewelry business at the same time invested in best digital marketing company in trivandrum, kerala which involved optimizing his website for search engines and social media marketing. Both of this didn’t cost him much, and he still got a lot of customers. With a small investment, he reaped great profit which enabled him to expand his business with two more jewelry outlets. Days later, John and Joseph met each other and got to know about Joseph’s approach to growing his business.

So where did John get it wrong?

John used expensive marketing methods to give his business a good boost. Spending too much & receiving... not much.

Digital marketing is comparatively cheaper and can deliver good results consistently when done right. So essentially, your digital marketing investment can net you far greater profit than from any traditional marketing approaches.

With the passage of time, marketing trends keep changing. This is the digital age where you don’t commonly see people who don’t use computers, the internet, mobile phones, and Google. And this is why digital marketing is a necessity today - A one-time investment that can grant fixed returns over time.

The Road To Digital Marketing

For effective digital marketing, an appealing website and social media pages are vital. Still, the number of leads and conversions may not always be optimal. To increase a business’s chances of conversion, its website should be optimized for search engines so it reaches more people seeking the product/service offered by that business. Then with a social media page, the business can showcase its offerings directly to its customers (who will be checking out the pages) and interact with them on a more personal level. Most social media platforms also allow a business to show their ads only to the right audience who are interested in what the business offers.

The biggest advantage of digital marketing however is that you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and techniques. A strong digital marketing campaign is supported by digital analytics. With analytics, a business gets to know how they are performing online and where they are making mistakes. Rectifying these ‘gaps’ makes their digital marketing strategies even more effective the second time around. So with each marketing campaign, a business progressively gets better in marketing themselves.

All of this combined is much cheaper than traditional advertising techniques.     

And this is where MSGR shines...

Today SEO is the heart of digital marketing. MSGR’s SEO services in trivandrum can help you leverage the full potential of your website by giving it maximum exposure on search engines, driving more qualified traffic to your site, generating more sales leads, and eventually enhancing your company’s ROI. We don’t just build appealing websites. We build websites that showcase a brand’s greatest strengths so that it lays a concrete foundation for effective digital marketing.

Check out our SEO health if you still have questions.

We did it for ourselves. We can do it for you too.


The most frequently asked question about the importance of digital marketing

1.  How important is digital marketing and social media marketing?

Digital marketing and social media marketing are pivotal for modern businesses. They boost brand visibility, engage audiences, and drive growth in our digital-driven world, providing a competitive edge.

2.  What is digital marketing and what are its benefits?

Digital marketing encompasses online strategies to promote businesses. Its benefits include broader reach, cost-effectiveness, precise targeting, measurable results, and improved customer interaction.

3. Why should I choose digital marketing?

Opt for digital marketing to expand your reach, save costs, target the right audience, measure success, engage customers, and gain a competitive edge in the digital era.

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