app store optimization techniques in 2020


Krishna Mohan

Want More App Downloads & Better In-Store Rankings?

14 Oct 2020

app store optimization techniques in 2020

Want More App Downloads & Better In-Store Rankings?

Businesses that want to invest in developing a mobile app for their brand often wonder about the success potential of the app and how fast the app can help achieve their business goals. To be honest, a mobile app’s success is not simply about how well the app is developed. For an app to make its mark in the app store, it needs to ASO’d or App Store Optimized. Pretty much similar to how a website is SEO’d to get better search engine rankings.

Still, many mobile app development companies often suggest taking the number of app downloads into account in order to measure the app’s success. Just because an app is downloaded more doesn’t mean it has become successful.

Did you know that global app uninstall rates have increased by about 35% in 2020 compared to early 2019?

Did you also know that Android app uninstalls are significantly higher than iOS app uninstalls? 267% higher…a side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic supposedly.

But app installs went up too however. The phenomenon has been termed ‘app tourism’ by the internet; where users install an app and discard it immediately once they are finished with it. This leads us to believe that engaging users via mobile apps has become a bit more complicated now more than ever.

Solution? Innovate.

Yes. Digital innovation, an overused term, still comes with benefits. If the app is unique and innovative, utilizes some of the best engagement techniques, and if properly optimized, will have a longer lifespan regardless of the platform.

So, Innovative Engagement + App Store Optimization can yield good results.

Let’s get into App Store Optimization for this blog.


As mentioned above, the whole idea behind ASO is similar to SEO. A good number of users still discover good apps by simply browsing the app store. App Store Optimization is how your app will become more visible to users who are either casually browsing the store or seeking an app that serves a specific purpose. With ASO, the app also stands a chance of appearing more at the top of the app store search results. This in turn makes the app appear more credible.

Where To Begin

Well, you begin by naming the app. If you’ve launched the app already, then you are past this phase. Naming is the key step in branding your app. For Google’s app store, you can’t just use a name stuffed with keywords for your app. That is not at all recommended. Similarly, the app store for iOS will have its own guidelines that you will need to follow to name and list your app.

Speaking about keywords, they are at the heart of ASO. But using keywords liberally on the app’s in-store page is ill-advised. The app’s description can be keyword-optimized. So can the title of the app. The idea is to come up with an enticing app description that includes very important keywords (again, not liberally) which will then encourage users to learn more about the app & what it can do. If the pitch is convincing enough, that’s a download right there.

Icons, Screenshots & Demos

The icon of an app actually does not contribute to ASO much but, nevertheless, is a very important factor that should not be overlooked. The app icon should be carefully designed to attract the attention of users browsing the store. But still it should not be designed to catch the eye. With the right combination of colors and an appealing background (and of course, design creativity), the icon can encourage app users to open the in-store app page.

And this page is where they get their first glimpse of the app; in the form of screenshots that complement the app’s text description. Use the best quality screenshots that cover the most important aspects of the app.

Along with screenshots, a video demo of the app works really well. Yes, it takes more effort to prepare a video demo than posting screenshots. But at the end of the day, unlike screenshots, videos convert. Video promos & demos can increase app download rates by over 25%. The app’s video demo is supposed to give the users a brief introduction of the app & it’s core features (not all features).


By now, you should have an idea of how ASO works. All of this may sound simple, but nailing the right content for the app page takes quite a bit of thinking. As mentioned above, things don’t end with just a download. ASO should be complemented by well-conceived engagement techniques. If the app just can’t keep users engaged, they will get rid of it once they are finished with the app; which can be really, really short.

At Mysearch Global Rewards, we build innovative mobile apps that are properly ASO’d and complemented by user engagement strategies that can keep target users hooked. With occasional updates improving the app’s user experience, the app will not only keep serving its purpose but actually make its mark in the store.

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