Top Digital Marketing Techniques Used by Modern Businesses


Shilpa John

Top Digital Marketing Techniques Used by Modern Businesses

05 Oct 2023

Top Digital Marketing Techniques


The world is changing fast. The covid and post covid times took a big twirl in the marketing world. Using the right tactics to leverage the business to the right audience is a challenge to every digital marketer. These tactics/strategies are important no matter the size of your company. Let’s see the digital marketing techniques used by modern businesses.

Nike uses brilliant Distribution Strategies to drive their business effectively. They sell their products through various e-commerce websites and create more awareness and engagement through multiple social media campaigns. They shifted from delivering a single core message to strong emotional content which tells a story with inspiration, motivation and overcoming odds.

Zomato uses strong SEO strategies to boost their sales. Zomato has around 99% organic traffic and they use a foolproof SEO strategy thus keeping their brand growing. They also have a very strong social media marketing strategy where their target audiences are between the age group of 18 and 40 who extensively use smartphones.

Netflix uses an engaging emailing strategy to catch the eye of their target audience. Instead of sending boring and monotonous emails they send specially designed personalized mails to their target audiences. Netflix also uses social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram for better reach and engagement . The videos they post on YouTube grab millions of views in a very short period. They cluster target their audiences by releasing promotional videos on YouTube for eg: a regional(South India) music video “Namma Stories” was released recently which tells the emotions of South Indian culture. These kinds of video promotions instill a sense of pride and togetherness among the people hence letting people know that Netflix recognises the wishes and desires of their audiences

Amul has a long legacy of presence in almost every Indian household. Even though they use different digital marketing techniques, what stands out is their branding technique -mascot, the little girl with blue hair and their tagline Taste of India.  This mascot was used even before the pop of the digital era. In 2014 they went digital and they still continue to use the same mascot for their digital media campaigns. They make creatively designed posters recognising events in India like celebrations, celebrity weddings, Indian achievements etc and post these on instagram ( engagement rate on Instagram is 3.14%. ) and other social media platforms.

Myntra might be the first option when it comes to online apparel shopping. Myntra uses influencer marketing techniques to enhance the engagement and sales. They collaborate with celebrities, sports personalities, TV personalities and even with micro Instagram influencers with 10k to 20k followers. They also use affiliate marketing tactics like “refer and earn” where the bloggers can post reviews of Myntra products and services  and in turn they get paid by Myntra using referrals.
From the above info it is clear that marketing whether traditional or digital cannot be implemented on a single line. Mixed strategies are necessary to boost engagement and sales of businesses.

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