Why It Is The Best Customer Loyalty Rewards Program


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MSGR – Why It Is The Best Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

15 Jan 2021

Best Loyalty Program in India

MSGR – Why It Is The Best Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Customer loyalty programs are all about making available a compelling reason for customers to come to you for more, engaging them in real-time, rewarding them when they demonstrate desired behavior, and retaining them to sustain your business. In order to achieve this goal, you need in-depth insights into the behavior patterns and preferences of your customers. This enables you to act swiftly and directly impact the behaviour of your most loyal customers.

A customer loyalty program is by no means a one-sided program. Loyal and repeat customers and volume buyers are benefitted too. They earn discounts, freebies, or special treatment by exchanging the points they have accumulated over time. Well-designed loyalty programs encourage customers to work towards accumulating points to get the rewards they desire and even shun other businesses in the market that provide similar products or services.
Best Customer Loyalty Rewards Programs In India
India’s name figures in the list of the top 10 economies in the world and is one of the fastest-growing nations. With a population of more than 1.3 billion, India is the second-most populous nation in the world. India is also very different from most other nations because of its unique cultural heritage and ethnic diversity. Two-thirds of the people in the country live in rural areas and there exist large disparities in terms of literacy rates and income. Traditionally an agricultural economy, people followed cash and check payments till recent times. Though globalization ushered in the digital payments era, it was the de-monetization in 2016 that provided the impetus to digitalize payments.
Customer loyalty programs have contributed greatly towards boosting electronic payments in developed nations. This transformation has started happening in India too despite the difference in socioeconomic conditions between urban and rural areas. Some of the top customer loyalty rewards programs that are driving this transformation include:

The MSGR customer loyalty program is the brainchild of the Dubai based IT infrastructure and solutions provider Mysearch Global Rewards. In addition to serving GCC countries, the company has extended its operation to India by setting up an office in the Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. MSGR offers Privilege Loyalty Cards which members use to enjoy discounts and deals from thousands of outlets.

Mysearch Global Rewards program is unique in the sense that both businesses and individuals can benefit from it. Consumers get rewarded for their measurable behavior and businesses enjoy increased revenues through customer loyalty. While businesses take advantage of the rewards system by partnering with MSGR, individual consumers buy the company’s Privilege Card for just INR 250 and register the same to earn attractive discounts and reward points when they shop at specified outlets.

The key aspects of the MSGR rewards system are:
Acknowledged and widely accepted by top brands
Enables businesses to acquire new customers, engage with them, and encourage them to come back for more by running email and mobile campaigns
Consumers benefit from the privilege of earning discounts and bagging deals from a variety of stores, restaurants, etc.

MMT Double Black
Make My Trip’s MMT Double Black is a paid membership program that enables their customers to secure the tickets booked through the company’s online platform against changes in travel plans. This means that members do not lose money due to last-minute plan changes. The fee to be paid for MMT Double Black membership is INR 1,499. Benefits are:

Swiggy Super
The Swiggy Super membership program enables customers to get any number of free door-step food deliveries in a month by paying a specified fee. The monthly plan comes at a cost of INR 149 and the three-month plan costs as much as INR 349. The Bengaluru-based startup’s Swiggy Super membership helps regular customers do away with the need to pay delivery charges with each order and surge pricing applicable during peak times.

Ola Select
Ola Select, a subscription-based membership program, offers benefits such as no peak pricing on mini and prime taxis, booking request priority, free Wi-Fi, top-rated drivers, and more. It helps regular customers to eliminate cab unavailability issues.

BB star
Big basket’s bb star is a membership program that enrolls customers into a 6-month program during which they are eligible for free delivery on orders worth INR 600 and above. Customers also earn INR 300 cashback @ INR 100 on the first order of any three months. In addition, they get access to priority delivery slots.

OYO Wizard

OYO Wizard is a hospitality membership program and members are eligible for up to 10 percent additional discounts on OYO Wizard member hotels and exclusive benefits from partner alliances. There are three types of membership – Blue (INR 99), Silver (INR 199), and Gold (INR 399). Oyo Wizard is aimed not at solving a core problem but increasing the life-time value of a new customer through monetary rewards.

Paytm First

Paytm First enables members to get up to INR 75,000 savings on an annual subscription fee of INR 750. Subscribers can save money on many daily-use things including health brands, food items, entertainment, travel, and more.

Final Thoughts
A closer look at the reward programs offered by many businesses is either limited to one product/service or for a specified period of time. That is where MSGR scores. The Privilege Card offered by the company enables customers to collect reward points as long as they want. Business owners, on the other hand, partner with the company to offer discounts and deals to grow their revenues. As such, MSGR is a unique rewards system that is beneficial to both businesses and customers alike.

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