Loyalty Rewards Program in a Nutshell



Loyalty Rewards Program in a Nutshell

20 Aug 2019

Loyalty Rewards Program in a Nutshell

A client loyalty program could be a program go by an organization that provides edges to frequent customers. Frequent customers earn points, that translate into some style of reward. Whether it's a discount, a freebie, or special customer treatment, customers work toward a certain amount of points to redeem their rewards. A customer loyalty program could be a structured and long-run promoting efforts that provide incentives to repeat customers World Health Organization demonstrate loyal shopping for behavior. Successful programs area unit designed to encourage customers during a business's target market to come usually, build frequent purchases, and shun competitors.

Loyalty Rewards Program across markets in the world.


For shoppers in the UAE, having a loyalty card for their favorite store or restaurant seems like a natural choice, and it isn't hard to find several enthusiastic spenders who happily save up their loyalty points for big rewards.

A look at popular brands today reveals that almost everyone from supermarkets and hotels, to airlines and nail salons, has a loyalty program, which rewards regular visitors and returning customers. In fact, it would be almost impossible to find a shopper who isn't consciously or subconsciously part of a loyalty program today.

The idea behind a loyalty card is a seemingly simple one - a shopper enjoys going to a selected shop or outlet and makes it a point to visit it regularly; the brand notices this and offers them an incentive wherein they can earn something for free if they continue to bring in their business

However, for many retailers, a loyalty program is much more than a device through which they reward their regular customers. Utilized properly, a loyalty program is an effective marketing tool with which retailers ensure that their customers continue to ask for their products and services and spend more money than they usually would when shopping. It is also a rich source of consumer data, as many loyalty programs are linked to an individual shopper through their mobile number or email address.

When asked about the loyalty programs most frequently used by consumers in the UAE, shoppers pointed to Mysearch UAE loyalty card, Carrefour's MyCLUB card, Landmark Group's Shukran Rewards, Club Apparel's loyalty program, and Air Miles.

Mysearch UAE card quickly emerged as a shopper's favorite with many consumers noting that the easy to use a loyalty card offered great value for their weekly and monthly groceries. For every 500 points accumulated on the loyalty card, shoppers receive a Dh50 Carrefour voucher, which can then be used against their next purchases. In addition to the Dh50 voucher, the loyalty program also offers discounts on various food sections, such as bread and dairy, in the form of coupons that are printed at the cashier station.

10 Best Customer Loyalty Programs in UAE

  • Mysearch UAE
  • Air Miles UAE
  • City Card – Time Out Dubai
  • Sirius
  • Amber– Al Tayer Group loyalty program
  • Rotana Rewards
  • Carrefour My Club UAE
  • Tamayaz – Union Coop
  • Wafi Rewards
  • Shukran Rewards


Currently, India is the seventh-largest economy in the world, and it’s growing at over seven percent annually. With a population of 1.3 billion – one-sixth of the world’s total – spread across 29 states, 22 official languages and thousands of recognized dialects, India is a wildly diverse nation of unique people.

With almost two-thirds of Indians living in rural areas and large disparities in literacy rates, income and education, India’s payment landscape have historically been heavily dominated by cash and checks.

However, the move toward digital payments is growing quick and therefore the government helps to drive it.

The country’s 2016 demonetization initiative has expanded access to credit, something only two percent of the population previously possessed, with only eight percent possessing debit cards. As payments in India continue to progress, the expectation is for the adoption rates of both credit and debit to grow significantly in the coming years.

Loyalty programs are very important within the promotion of electronic payments within the U.S.and other developed nations. The question that remains to be answered is whether it can be a significant accelerator in India, given the different socioeconomic conditions.

Examples of loyalty membership programs in a highly competitive market like India

1. Mysearch India

1. Mysearch India

50% of customers don't return. That stinks. With MSI, collect customer info after their first visit to keep them engaged and coming back.

Run Marketing Automatically

Send email marketing and mobile campaigns, without lifting a finger. Grow your social channels and acquire new customers too.

Increase in Revenue Growth

MSI Businesses increase customer visits by up to 54%. Drive loyalty while simultaneously bringing in more dough.

2.MMT Double Black

Core Problems it solves

  • Losing money because of a last-minute change in plans
  • Paying extra to get cancellation protection for every booking.

3.Swiggy Super

Core Problems it solves

  • Surge pricing in delivery fee during peak order time or weather changes
  • Eliminating delivery fee completely, especially for users who are not comfortable paying Rs. 30 for Rs. 100 orders.

4.Ola Select

Core Problems it solves

  • Cab unavailability due to excess demand and limited supply.
  • No peak pricing and a flat fee for your cab ride.

5.Big Basket Star

Getting people to stop buying grocery, fruits and, vegetables offline was a huge ask in the first place but Big Basket has come a long way. To further accelerate this adoption, Big Basket has tried to address the below core problems with online grocery shopping and offer them as benefits for its membership program

Core Problems it solves

  • Grocery shopping is often last minute, not planned except for the ones planned from one weekend to another. With Big Basket Star membership program you get access to exclusive delivery slots prioritizing your grocery delivery over other non-membership users.

6.OYO Wizard

Although it does not solve any core problems in the budget hotel category, it only intends to increase LTV of an acquired user by giving monetary rewards in return of being more loyal to OYO than its competition.

7.Paytm First

If the last 10 years of Indian startup scene have been about aggressive GMV growth and customer acquisition, the next 10 years are going to be about customer retention, loyalty and, unit economics. Companies are increasingly trying to monetize their large user base and hence trying to diversify into various other services from the ones they initially started from.

It is exciting to see experiments around customer loyalty that goes beyond miles and points and in fact, would require all functions in an organization to come together and make a product within a product. The sheer innovation and thinking that will be required to make your frequent users, more frequent and eliminate switching is the need of the hour.

The businesses that we are seeing in 2019 are different from what we saw decades ago, which were dominated by FMCG and banks and hence marketing strategies will also see a lot of revisiting where the task of marketing function is not limited to customer acquisition but also driving profitability by strategies such as membership programs which drive customer loyalty and retention.

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