Google Ads & How To Use It To Boost Your Business


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Google Ads & How To Use It To Boost Your Business

01 Jul 2022

Google Ads & How To Use It To Boost Your Business

Google Ads & How To Use It To Boost Your Business

Online advertising is no longer a luxury, rather a necessity in today’s competitive and connected world. Along with social media marketing, search engine marketing will be a force for any business if handled right. Speaking of online advertising, you cannot ignore Google, a search engine giant, which has a whopping 92% search engine market share (source: Bing comes next with only 3%.

Google lets users create advertisements in Google ads, Search 360 and DV360 platforms. Out of these platforms, Google Ads is a popular and a free advertisement platform. Let’s discuss in detail about Google Ads and how to use it to boost your business, in this article.

What is Google Ads:

Google Ads is a simple-to-use advertisement platform from Google. Using Google Ads, you can create search advertisements, display ads, video ads and shopping ads with ease.

Search ads:

Search ad is the popular pay per click advertisement method employed in Google. It exploits the keywords that the user inputs in Google search and shows them relevant ads. To create a successful search ad, all you have to do is to find the right keywords.

Google will rank each ad and place it on top according to the ranking of ads. The ranking of ads depends upon the amount spent and the quality of ads.

Ad rank = Amount spent X Ad Quality

Display ads:

The good old method of showing banners in websites is termed as display ads in Google Ads. Google has a network of more than 200 million websites, apps and videos where your ads will be displayed for all to see. Based on the bid strategy and bidding amount, your ads will be displayed to ‘n’ number of people who visit the websites in Google Display Network. Here in display ads, you have to carefully select your audience. Who is your target audience, where do they live and the demographics of your audience must be precisely selected in order to get the desired results.

Shopping Ads:

E-Commerce is booming recently. To help e-commerce businesses to promote their products, shopping ads are used as an objective. But first, you have to list your products in Google Merchant center to create shopping ads. If the e-commerce is done using Shopify or Woo Commerce, adding the products to the merchant center becomes easier. You can also add your products via excel file manually, for which templates can be downloaded from the merchant center itself.

Video Ads:

It’s no secret that video is the most consumed content among users, recently. And it is going to remain so in the near future as well. You can create video ads in Google and it will be promoted in YouTube and Google Display Network. The one check you have to do before doing video ads is that the video must be uploaded to YouTube. Like display ads, you can target your audience based on the demographics, topics they are interested in, location and so on.

In addition to these options, Google has Discovery ads and Performance max advertisement campaigns. Discovery ads are a kind of display ads that are shown in Gmail, Google app in android devices and so on. Performance max is a combination of search, display, video and discovery ads.

Boost your business with Google Ads:

It is an unwritten rule that a business should be in Google. Why, you may ask. Well, your customers are in Google, so you should be where your customers are. Apart from mandatory Google My Business listing and optimization, use Google Ads to the fullest to boost your business online.

Based on the customer journey and your audience preference you can select the objectives and the type of Google Ads to be used for a campaign. As far as customer journey is concerned, start with the brand awareness goal, lead generation and then focus on sales as your final goal. Keep in mind the audience’s preference in content, so you can go for either search, display, video, shopping ads or do multiple campaigns to cover every segment of the audience.  

As the learning curve for Google Ads is short and the availability of free tutorials is high, you can easily start doing Google Ads on your own. If time is your concern, don’t fret,As a best digital marketing company in trivandrum, kerala Mysearch Global rewards is always here for you to help your business.

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