Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore in 20232


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Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2022

11 Oct 2023

Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2022


Digital Marketing contributes a lot towards the future of online business development. It’s no different in 2023. As a matter of fact, the dynamicity of digital marketing trends could make or break businesses. That’s why it’s important to be up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. It’s time to talk about what is yet to come and how we can adjust a business’ marketing activities to adapt better to the upcoming changes.

On the other hand it’s laborious to identify actual trends that may modify the digital marketing landscape. With each coming year digital marketing gets more complicated.

In addition to fundamentals like SEO, PPC etc, a business ought to be concerned in the rise of social media channels and evolving laws beside content automation and personalisation

Here are a few trends worth noting.

Growth hacking :

Growth hacking is a marketing approach that focuses on rapid and sustainable business growth through unconventional and creative strategies. It's often associated with startups and early-stage companies looking to achieve significant growth with limited resources.

Growth hacking is a marketing approach that focuses on rapid and sustainable business growth through unconventional and creative strategies. It's often associated with startups and early-stage companies looking to achieve significant growth with limited resources.

  1. Data-Driven Strategies: Growth hacking relies on data and analytics to guide decisions and optimization.

  2. Rapid Experimentation: It involves quick testing of various strategies to identify what works best.

  3. Focus on User Acquisition: The primary aim is to attract new users and customers.

  4. Virality and Referral Marketing: Encouraging sharing and referrals for exponential growth.

  5. Product-Centric Approach: Improvement of the product to enhance user satisfaction and retention.

  6. Cost-Effective Tactics: Emphasizes low-cost marketing channels for startups and small businesses.

  7. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Involves teams with diverse skills and expertise.

  8. Continuous Optimization: Ongoing efforts to improve growth metrics.

    Goal-Oriented: Targets specific growth objectives, such as sign-ups and revenue.


In our world today we are all experiencing a voice search revolution with almost every generation welcoming voice search. For years now we, marketers, were focusing on content marketing and SEO. Search engines like Google still use written content to present results for verbal queries. Unfortunately there’s no way to research traffic from voice search with tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console. In case it ever happens it will be a breakthrough for digital marketers. Voice search optimization has the power to take your local SEO campaign to the next level. 

Quick response to customer queries :  

Voice search considerably speeds up the searching process, offering fast and prompt answers for many of the customers’ queries.

SEO benefits: 

Most of the companies are currently cognizant of native SEO services that target native customers. Native voice search improvement may be done to focus on specific services. You can enhance your business by using voice searches matching relevant keywords.

Hands-off facility : 

This touchless side provides customers an additional comfort level compared to standard web search choices. Voice search techniques are super helpful when you are driving as you need not wait until you reach your destination or make a stop for getting purchase-related information.

Multilingual : 

Voice search technology supports multiple languages. So language is not a barrier now and you can use whichever language you are comfortable with.

Helps drive web traffic : 

If you've optimized your web site for voice search strategically, you're showcasing your website to a lot of potential customers, leading to a comparatively higher traffic than before.


Another digital trend that has been garnering praise over the years, chatbots might go big in 2023. Chatbots are a good, low value “tool” and offer an automated way to not only offer more engaging experiences to customers but also guide them towards purchases. Expect chatbots to become even more prominent in 2023 particularly as digital marketing companies in kerala try to do more with less within the wake of the losses they’re still feeling from the pandemic.

What exactly is a chatbot though?

It’s basically a computer program designed to simulate human conversations with human users on the other end of the line. The best chatbots perform in a way that the users on the other end believe they are talking to a human. They act as virtual assistants that can communicate with people through text messages via messaging platforms and on-site live chat apps. AI-powered chatbots are all the rage now because they are given an ability to analyze patterns and solve specific queries.

Advantages of chatbots:

24/7 Availability

Can accumulate Customer Insights

Chatbots offer Long Term Financial Savings

Chatbots contribute to increasing sales


Though it has been around for a while, AI only recently became more prevalent in the digital marketing sector due to its potential to optimize client-service operations and its ability to learn and adapt to dynamic client behavior patterns.

Advantages of AI : 

Reduction in human error

Low risks

24/7 availability

Opens new doors to innovate


Despite not being new, influencer marketing is one among the most popular trends you can’t ignore in 2023. 

Influencer marketing may be a sort of selling that uses influencers to push a whole to a bigger market. Influencers square measure leaders with a social following base. they seem as consultants or trustworthy sources of data.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing :

Brand awareness growth

Content strategy enrichment 

Quality lead generation 

Cost effectiveness


Like the name suggests, video marketing involves using videos for promoting products or services. Videos are the most consumed content type on the internet, as they offer increased user engagement. With videos, you can educate your audience better and give them a clearer idea of how your product or service can benefit them. 

Using videos for promotions is gaining a lot of traction across businesses of all sizes. Small businesses are increasingly using videos to attract, convert and retain new customers with great success.

Benefits of video marketing :

Grow revenue 

Influence buying decisions 

Rank higher in search 

Increase traffic 

Get more backlinks 


Virtual Reality essentially bridges the gap between experience and action, allowing your brands to offer a “virtual” experience of your storefront, products or services to interested customers. So potential customers need not visit your store physically to see what you have to offer them. Apart from this, the technology itself is intriguing enough to attract prospective customers to check out your business. 


Augmented reality on the other hand allows your brand to provide distinctive experiences of products or services to customers via their smartphones. AR combines both real and virtual interactive elements so your customer can have a simulated experience of, say, a product right where they stand on their phone. For instance, you sell sunglasses. With AR, you can have your user see themselves on their phone with various sunglasses you sell so they can get an idea of how they would look with the glasses on. This is why AR is a game-changing trend among B2C markets.

Encourage purchases : 

AR helps you to place a product virtually on your customer’s hands wherever they are.

Reduce product returns :

Managing product returns & refunds demands a business to invest more. Especially when the reasons for returns are trivial like incompatibility, mistakenly ordering the wrong product, size issues etc. With AR, clients get to check out the product virtually before purchasing it, thus lowering the likelihood of a return.

Provide a memorable experience :

Some purchases are made simply because the overall in store shopping experience was such a good one. Won’t it be great if you can actually give them an up-close virtual experience wherever they are, with AR? Rest assured they won’t be forgetting the experience for a long while.


These all are the main digital marketing trends we cannot ignore in 2023. The research and practice of digital marketing is improving with the advancement of technology across the world. The advancement in technology will give more opportunities, and at the same time presents more challenges to marketers. Being up-to-date with the changing trends can keep the momentum going.

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