Can you drive your social media crowd to your physical store



Can you drive your social media crowd to your physical store?

18 May 2021

Can you drive your social media crowd to your physical store?

Can you drive your social media crowd to your physical store?

If you have created a mass of audience on your social media account across several networks it would have struck your mind, if and how you can drive your followers on your social media account into your physical store. Undoubtedly, it is possible.

Social media marketing has a wide scope for not just online businesses but also to businesses with a physical presence. Physically grounded businesses use their social media as a means to drive traffic to their website, thus it Creates a dual benefit that is by prompting customers to make a deal as well as informing them about the store. It is incredibly valuable to guide your social media audience to the physical store. Mobile phones are not just a medium but an opportunity for business if rightly viewed as a platform.


Here is the way;

Advertise discounts& coupons exclusively redeemable in store

This is an effective way to get your social media audience into your store. For instance, think of a situation in which your store sells pizza and you are promoting a new variety of pizza on Instagram as a post. You could do it by applying a promotion that is ‘Keep it as your story and tag us, lucky winners will receive x% discount on their next visit’. An important technique to drive your audience to your physical store is to provide exclusive discounts only in-store.

Post images of the physical store

Update your social media profile with the latest post and details of the store. Share latest collections, professional shots, feedback, emotion-driven content, or even an image might that draws the viewers to your website, thereby it increases the chance of getting a deal. When viewers get familiar and feel connected with your brand it will increase the number of visits.

Host a special event

Focusing on your core demographics is important while deciding about the kind of event. For example, if your target audience is young people then it is better to host a live concert, DJ, or an awareness class on a social issue whereas if your audience are grown-up then it is better to host a networking event or workshop for personal development. It is important to advertise about the event in-store and over social media once the decision is made for hosting an event.


Encourage social review

This approach is a very effective means to attract potential customers. It is taking advantage of your existing customers who have already visited your store. Encourage your customers to post images of the products purchased or to share their personnel experience with the store. You can also thank and repost the stories in which you are mentioned in by your customers. Social reviews are the best way to allure customers to your store. Displaying signs and creative spots in-store encourage customers to share their beautiful images with their social networks this, in turn, entices their social audience to visit your store.

Take part in a local event and use its hashtag

If your location is not appropriate or suitable enough to host an event of your own, then take the opportunity to attend any other event. For instance, you can set up a stall in trade shows or can distribute free samples at a local festival all these help to reach customers. Nevertheless, the local event will have a hashtag associated with it. You can post the images of your business at the event and use its hashtags. Using relevant hashtags increases your visibility to target the local population and thereby there is a more likely chance for customers to visit your store.

Retweet and Share for better reach

The best way to boost your customer's brand loyalty is by retweeting and sharing posts. When your customers post something positive about your store take a moment to retweet or share the post and thank them for the feedback. This will encourage feedback from your customers if you do it frequently it will motivate potential customers to make a visit to your store.

For local businesses foot traffic is extremely valuable since it greatly contribute to word of mouth reviews and higher volumes of returning visitors but it does not mean that you should disregard the initial strategy. Nevertheless, if you utilize this strategy of physical deflection it will provide you more loyal and wider customer base.


To reach a mass of social audience especially, the audience who does not follow you is by giving sponsored advertisements about your brand on the social media platforms. If you could create a catchy advertisement it would help to create traffic into your social profile ultimately to your website. Paid promotion is another means to reach a wider audience, for this you can approach famous influencers over social media to promote your brand. You can also send gifts and samples of your products to social media influencers and ask them to experience and review the product. The most important factor to consider in this case is not to forget to specify the physical location of your store.

Socialmedia marketing is an essential component nowadays for increasing the in-store sales as well as for establishing your brand. A major advantage of social media marketing is that it enables to analyse the traffic source as well as it provides insights on how to optimize your social media marketing efforts and strategy.

By Aysha Beevi KN

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