6 Benefits of Using Google Search Console for Every Websites


Devika Mohan

6 Benefits of Using Google Search Console for Every Websites

04 Nov 2022

6 Benefits of Using Google Search Console for Every Websites

6 Benefits of Using Google Search Console for Every Websites

Google Search Console is a free service from Google which lets site owners test indexing status, seek queries, crawl mistakes and optimize visibility of their websites. Search Console is a tool that will aid us in understanding  and improving the way in which Google views our site. In order to be included in Google Search results, signing up won't be a necessity.

Benefits of Using Google Search Console for Website

1.    Increase Organic Search Traffic
If you are using Google Search Console, you can increase Organic Search Traffic. The “Overview” page is your homebase for checking your website’s traffic and performance. There is a whole section devoted to analyzing traffic. This part of the page has many precious reviews that shed light on how customers are finding your website through organic search results.
2.    Improve Your Website’s Search Appearance
Using Google Search Console to enhance your website’s search look is essential to your digital promotion strategy. Google Search Console can display how your pages appear in Google`s search engine results page.
3.    Discover what searching for queries bring people on your site
This is an excellent tool to use to determine which keywords bring the most traffic. In the search console, click on “Open Report” on the top of the Performance graph. Scroll down until you can see “Queries.” Check out the top queries for the website and we can see how many clicks each query has received.
4.    Find how many links you have for your site
Google Search Console will display details about links to your website, including both internal links to other pages on your site and external links from other sites. Increasing internal and external links are a great manner to enhance your search engine Optimization (SEO) rankings
5.    Understand Google’s Index
Google Search Console can help you track how many pages are being indexed by Google and track the number of website pages that appear in Google’s results. We can take the Google Index report information and remove unwanted URLs from being indexed or work on adding unindexed URLs to Google.
6.    Sitemaps and Site Messages
Sitemaps are maps to websites, designed to guide Google bots everywhere on your website. Google bots understand the precise location of all the web pages. You may be able to identify the number of sites that are submitted, as well as how many of these pages were actually indexed. Google Search Console also informs users of crucial messages like security problems, crawl errors, and so on via notifications

Why Is Google Search Console Important for SEO?

It offers certain features and information for improving SEO performance – both technical and content-wise.

How to use Google Search Console to improve SEO:
•    Search Console will assist in monitoring website traffic data , keyword ranking, CTR (click-through rate), average position etc.
•    Identify sitemaps, removals and disavow files.
•    Troubleshoot and identify mobile usability issues.
•    Check out which actions and security issues Google marked.
•    Analyze crucial linking data.

All of this helps you stay on top of your SEO performance, identify any issues, and improve it.  At Mysearch Global Rewards (MSGR)  we help grow your businesses by leveraging digital advertising, search engine optimization and other digital marketing techniques etc.

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