5 Mistakes that will destroy your Digital Marketing Goal


Shilpa John

5 Mistakes that will destroy your Digital Marketing Goal

22 Feb 2023

5 Mistakes that will destroy your Digital Marketing Goal

5 Mistakes that will Destroy your Digital Marketing Goal

Are you an individual/company who has potential digital marketing goals? Are your efforts to gain results not reaching an end? This means you are wrong somewhere in your digital marketing journey. It can be anything like wrong target audience, or setting unrealistic goals or not considering SEO’s potential in boosting your market etc. Let’s understand what the mistake are:

  1. Unrealistic goals

Setting goals is a challenging task, which if not worked out properly may fail to generate the desired results. In order to achieve the best output, we must set realistic and practical goals. Some of the goals in digital marketing are brand awareness, increasing sales and increasing engagement. These goals can be broken down into objectives. Some of the unrealistic goals commonly found in digital marketing are expecting immediate sales hikes, setting impractical revenue goals etc. Sometimes clients' expectations drive the digital marketing goals astray. So, how do you tackle them? One easy way is to be honest with your goal. You know it’s not possible to achieve an unrealistic goal and you must accept that fact. 

  1. Wrong Target Audience

Companies tend to spend a lot of money and time on marketing and they target their desired audience. But, sometimes the companies might target the wrong audience. Sometimes, marketers forget the purpose of marketing. Inorder to aim at the right target, you must think like a customer rather than a marketer. A customer’s point of view is important so that you can market accordingly. Companies can also opt for customer testimonials so that they can know the trend of the market and what customers actually like. 

  1. Missing out on Tracking Data

There's a term called Key Performance Indicators, also called KPIs. These are indicators that determine growth as well as change while marketing something. It's mandatory that you keep track of these KPIs so that you don't miss out on your digital marketing goals. Some of the Key performance indicators are cost per lead, page views, web traffic sources etc.

  1. SEO is never considered

SEO is the key most important marketing skill and sometimes digital marketers miss out on their importance. SEO is the top 3rd marketing skill used as per the reports of LinkedIn. It's needed on several platforms and not only for websites. SEO helps in ranking the page well and aids in user search experience. Using keywords in titles, meta descriptions, schema markup, using keyword embedded blogs etc are some of the practices done in SEO.

  1. Only relying on a single channel

This is not a wise practice. Digital marketing is a field which requires multiple channels to get the best results. Different kinds of skills are required to boost your content. Usage of various platforms and tools are required to experiment your content. 

You must be careful when you are marketing your contents digitally. Achieving a proper result is required if you want business to flourish well. You avoid these mistakes if you plan out a well developed strategy. If you want to correct your mistakes or get your digital marketing strategy, then partner with Mysearch Global Rewards, one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in Kerala. Rated as the top digital marketing agency, you can rely on us to clear all your marketing queries. 

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